The Second Week

The second week went well also.  We celebrated Thanksgiving; so much to be thankful for. Lia, who seems to be a little intimated by the baby’s small size, seems to warm up to her here and puts on a show. Advertisements

The First Week

The first week went very well.  Geneva quickly got the hang of breastfeeding and was wetting her diapers regularly – everything a one-week old is expected to do.  Brendan and I spent a lot of time just watching the baby, enjoying her noises and funny movements.  We also saw the pediatrician and she was already … More The First Week

The First Two Days

The first few days went better than I ever expected.  Despite the fact that Geneva’s ultrasounds showed no clear markers for Down syndrome, there were still so many unknowns that wouldn’t be known until birth.  There were still questions about her heart, intestines, and bloodwork.  Geneva passed her hearing test.  Her bloodwork was good and … More The First Two Days

The Birth Story

A lot of people apparently write down their birth story.  There isn’t much for me to write about since baby arrived 8 minutes after I arrived at the labor and delivery floor of Brigham and Women’s.  In a nutshell, maybe I waited too long at home to labor? My water broke at 10pm, just in … More The Birth Story

Hello World!

I’m going to use this space as a place to post pictures of our newest bundle of joy, Geneva, so that family can stay up-to-date on the latest that’s going on with her and her family and she grows and changes every day!