The First Two Days

The first few days went better than I ever expected.  Despite the fact that Geneva’s ultrasounds showed no clear markers for Down syndrome, there were still so many unknowns that wouldn’t be known until birth.  There were still questions about her heart, intestines, and bloodwork.  Geneva passed her hearing test.  Her bloodwork was good and showed no blasts for leukemia which children with Down syndrome have a higher probability of having.  Her echocardiogram went better than expected as the potential small VSD that was ‘suspicious’ according to the cardiologist prenatally, was not there.  She has a PDA and PFO which I’ve been told should resolve and is nothing to worry about.  We will follow up with the cardiologist in a few months.  So, when many babies with Down syndrome end up in the NICU with feeding tubes, surgery on day 2 to repair intestines, etc., we got lucky.  There will be bumps down the road, but we were so thankful to be able to hold her without tubes and wires and take her home after only 2 days.  She did better than Lia did in the hospital.

And all I kept thinking the day she was born was that that would have been the day we found out she had Down syndrome had we not done prenatal testing.  Because we knew ahead of time, we were prepared and the day of her birth was a day of celebration.  Had we not known and only found out that day, our emotions would have been very different and I’d imagine it would have been a tough week.

Skin to skin contact is encouraged as it helps with cognitive development and well as lowers my blood pressure among other benefits.

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