Just Some Pictures

Geneva and I haven’t been getting out much; our only outing is these days is just to pick up her sisters from school.  So being stuck inside, we spent some time taking pictures.  I took some pictures in her little swaddle wrap that I love for it’s whimsical print.  She wasn’t too happy with me … More Just Some Pictures

Meeting Dr. Skotko

Yesterday Geneva turned one month old. We also happened to have an appointment with Dr. Skotko at the Down Syndrome Clinic at Mass General. Spend 30 minutes researching on line about Down syndrome and you’ll come across the name Dr. Skotko, who in my opinion, seems to be the lead expert in Down syndrome. He’s … More Meeting Dr. Skotko

Tummy Time

During the day we play and try our best to spend time on our tummy, which is more important for Geneva than it ever was for the other girls so she can strengthen her muscles.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the physical therapist in a couple of weeks to see what they think about … More Tummy Time

GiGi in the Hospital

Friday after Thanksgiving Geneva started getting a little bit of nasal congestion.  She seemed uncomfortable so I sprayed some saline in her nose and was able to suck out some mucus.  She appeared more comfortable but that night didn’t seem to sleep well.  The next day I noticed that she was uncomfortable again and the … More GiGi in the Hospital