Settling Into a Routine

GiGi’s routine seems to be eat, stay awake for a couple of hours where she prefers to be held and not in her swing or bouncy seat, then sleep for a few hours and repeat.  I don’t remember what I did with my other two when they were this age, but with Geneva I feel compelled to entertain and stimulate her when she’s awake.  I feel like if she’s just sitting in a swing staring into space then her brain is not developing.

We also do tummy time where she seems to be doing well strength-wise,  She can move her head from side to side while on her belly.  I also noticed the other day that when Brendan was holding her she recognized my voice and turned her head to look at me.

She still is showing congestion issues, but we see the pediatrician tomorrow and we’ll also have her weighed so we’ll be able to see how much weight she’s gained.

Here are some recent pictures:

Lia finally holds the baby!

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