Meeting Dr. Skotko

Yesterday Geneva turned one month old. We also happened to have an appointment with Dr. Skotko at the Down Syndrome Clinic at Mass General. Spend 30 minutes researching on line about Down syndrome and you’ll come across the name Dr. Skotko, who in my opinion, seems to be the lead expert in Down syndrome. He’s a bit of a celebrity in the Down syndrome community. How we got him as our doctor, I’m not quite sure but I feel so lucky that we have him. I had made a prenatal appointment at the clinic and we were assigned an appointment with him back in October when he told us he wanted to be our baby’s doctor. At yesterday morning’s appointment I refrained from embarrassing us all and asking for a picture of him with the baby, but may try to get one at the next appointment. Overall, he thought Geneva was doing fantastic. She’s already up to 8 lbs, 10 oz which means she’s still eating well! Here’s her picture I took of her to celebrate her 1 month birthday.

Notice the blanket she’s laying on. This was a gift we received from the Genetics Department at Mass General yesterday morning as we checked in for our appointment, handmade by the sister of one of the women that works in the department. She had an aneurism and ever since has been sewing blankets for baby genetics patients and donating them. She’s made and donated close to 400 blankets.

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