What We Do All Day

I had forgotten what it’s like to have a newborn, until recently, and now it’s all coming back to me, five years later.  But this time when five o’clock rolls around and I see that I’ve accomplished nothing I don’t panic like I did with my first because now I know that accomplishing nothing during the day is totally normal.  If I get one task done over the course of the day, I’m happy.  Gigi doesn’t sleep much during the day unless I’m holding her, but she does sleep at night, 8 hours straight, so I’m not complaining because I’m one of those people that needs a lot of sleep.  I’m at that phase of having a baby where at 10:30 am I’m wishing I had packed myself a lunch because I know I won’t have a free hand to make myself anything and therefore end up eating chips for lunch.  Then I commit to making myself a bagged lunch that evening for the next day, but never do.  We hardly go out except to pick up her sisters from school.  I avoid any errands because 1 – she hates the car seat, 2 – it’s more than freezing outside, and 3 – I don’t see people, I see germs with arms and legs, everywhere.  We did, for the first time, attempt a trip to the Children’s Place which I guess was successful because I returned an online order however she cried the whole way there in her car seat which is very stressful for mommy.  So inside we stay where it’s warm unless we have to pick up the girls or go to a doctor appointment.  But that’s okay.  I have plenty to entertain us here and plenty of people to talk to like Gigi, and myself, and them


and him


But seriously, this is what Gigi has been doing at 7 weeks old:

  • Tummy time, moving head side to side and very briefly lifting
  • Following an object with her eyes
  • Pulling my hair hard
  • Brief eye contact, but I’m still waiting for more of a gaze
  • Imitating if I make an “ooh” with my mouth or stick my tongue out
  • Turning her head towards a voice

I know I’m missing stuff.  I never paid attention or cared about milestones with my other kids but I can see that I’m more attuned to it and watching for them this time.  Is she behind on stuff?  I don’t know.  Maybe when the OT comes she’ll be able to tell me, and we have a checkup next week so the NP will let me know too.  One thing I do know is that she LOVES the baby in the mirror…


IMG_2609 (2)

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