Baby Update – 12 weeks

Gigi turns 12 weeks old today, so I figure it is time for an update on what she’s been doing.  Every day is an exciting day in the living room.  There is about 3 feet of snow outside, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering her like it’s bothering the rest of us.  I can NOT wait until the snow melts and the weather gets nicer so that we can go out for walks.  And we have a new friend, Enrique, who was born a few days ago so we plan on having lots of play dates with him.  These days Gigi is

  • Getting better at tummy time, holding her head up about 45 degrees
  • Cooing
  • Blowing raspberries with her mouth
  • Trying to grab things
  • Trying desperately to suck her thumb, or is she’s holding onto something she tries to put it in her mouth
  • Loving looking at books, especially ones with pictures of animals
  • Smiling and sometimes giggling
  • Tracking well if I dangle something in front of her

Gigi needs to work on holding her head up, it’s still very floppy.  Also, her left eye seems a bit weak, it crosses at times so I’ll have to see what the doctor says about that at our next visit.  She has definitely become more of an interactive baby lately and it’s so fun to see her personality come out.  She is very determined and gets mad at me if I disturb her when she’s working on something such as trying to get her thumb in her mouth or lift her head during tummy time.  She doesn’t give up easily but eventually she will get frustrated.  Here are some pictures:

Enjoying a book
Working hard at tummy time
Gigi loves dogs
Trying so hard to suck her thumb
Grabbing and pulling

Here’s a video of Gigi cooing.

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