A lot of people have been calling and texting asking how we’re doing with all of this snow.  We’ve had something like 90+ inches in the past 4 weeks I think, and the temperature has been below freezing so the snow isn’t melting but instead piling up.  This means the snow is now well over my head.  And forget the snow piles from the plows and snow blowers, they’re over 7 feet.  But we’re doing fine.  The kids are loving the fact that they haven’t had a full week of school in over 4 weeks – 2 days off last week, 2 the week before, and 3 the week before that.  Now it’s February break.  They’re building tunnels and slides in the snow piles out front and sledding down the little hill out back.  I hate snow and cold and winter, but did run out for a few minutes to take some pictures.  Brendan took a bunch of these too.




Sliding down the snow mountain
Look at the icicles

I’m okay with all of this because I’ve been hunkering down since the baby was born anyway, and when the kids don’t have school that just means that I don’t have to drag the baby out to pick them up and push a stroller over un-shoveled sidewalks.  I don’t have any appointments scheduled either.  I do feel bad for those who do have to get out.  The roads are narrow though so driving is difficult, there is limited street parking, and parking at a shopping center is limited.  This will last for who knows how long but it will feel like forever.  Public transportation is a mess.  Of course now I think about people with disabilities that take public transportation and how they’re dealing with that, as well as moms with babies.  Hopefully this is it for snow in 2015, however it’s only February.  Here’s one person that doesn’t mind the snow…


5 thoughts on “Snow

  1. Oh my goodnes I love the girls I love the girls on the snow. What beautiful memories of winter for them. Glad you are handling snow days so well. Gigi is as happy as can be…just adorable!


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