Great Tips From Our Therapist

We have a really great therapist from early intervention who comes to our home every other week to work with Gigi’s development. She will look around the room and tell us how to use things in our home for therapy – couch cushions, boxes, and so on. Here are a couple of my favorite tips…

Put Furniture Felt in Between Book Pages

Doing this will create a space between the book pages so that little baby fingers will have an easier time grabbing the pages and learning how to turn them. This will probably also work with things like glue dots. As long as they are very sticky and unlikely to come off.

IMG_7952 IMG_7994


Create Fun Shakers

Fill little bottles with things that make noise. I happened to have leftover breastmilk containers from the hospital so I used these to fill with dry pasta, beads, glitter and water. Then I glued the tops closed.




Other tips she’s mentioned:

  • When teaching to drink from a straw, add a little lemon to the water to help the baby pucker up.
  • When doing tummy time, make sure the baby spends some time playing with toys that are strategically placed so that she needs to reach upward to get them, like on a pillow in front of her.
  • When the baby is sitting and playing, place items not just in front of her but also to her side so that she stretches those muscles and improves her range of motion.

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