Why I’m Blogging

Today, October 1st, begins Down syndrome awareness month. There is a mom blogger at Big Blueberry Eyes who is spearheading her 9th annual “31 for 21 blogging for Down syndrome” where she is asking other bloggers to blog daily during the month of October to spread awareness. In case you don’t know, 21 represents Trisomy 21, or Down syndrome, because Down syndrome is 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. This is a tall order for me. I doubt I’ll be able to blog everyday, but I’ll see how it goes. In addition to spreading awareness I’ll be able to meet other bloggers, virtually of course.

I think the blogs are so important as they were incredibly helpful to me when I was pregnant. When I first found out that my baby had Down syndrome I went straight to the internet for information. Sometimes, depending on where you get lost in cyberspace, this isn’t a good idea. In our experience, we were given the information of a positive blood test just before a holiday weekend so internet was all we had since doctors were out of the office. Medical sites and Down syndrome organization websites gave me the same info over and over – the facts of T21, potential medical issues, and so on. What I really needed to know was what life was like with a child with Down syndrome. What is it like for the siblings? Some of the websites I went to first that I mentioned above didn’t tell me that info. Others did mention it but what they reported on were data based on studies and none of what I read was very negative, in fact, I was wondering if I was reading some kind of Down syndrome propaganda. Then I stumbled across the blogs. These were real people writing about their life and that’s what I needed to see – true scenarios. So in turn, I hope that I’m paying back in a way. Expectant moms that I’ve met on line have told me that posts that I’ve written have helped them, which makes me feel like I’m helping spread awareness in at least a small way. And more importantly, I’m helping put them just a little bit more at ease in their pregnancy. I don’t know what life is like for a toddler, child or adult with Down syndrome but I do know very well about a Down syndrome pregnancy and having a baby with Down syndrome so hopefully I can share that information through this blog.

So I’ll be blogging more this month, and attempting to do it daily. The blogger who has organized this says that some days we don’t even need to blog specifically about Down syndrome, it can be about anything, so who knows where this will go.
To see a list of other Down syndrome blogs, click the link below…

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