Eleven Month Baby Update

Gigi is 11 months today! I really can’t believe it. Is this the last time I call her a ‘baby’ when I write these bimonthly updates? Please tell me no. She’s doing great but is going through a very clingy phase. She’ll cry if I leave the room and still sleeps in our bed. When she sleeps in our bed she has to be touching me. As overwhelming as it is sometimes, it’s really cute. She’s my number 1 fan.Other things Gigi is doing these days includes

  • lots of babbling
  • wiggling to music
  • clapping hands
  • eating peanut butter
  • eating more solids like pieces of scrambled egg, pumpkin bread and sweet potato fries
  • moving backwards when on her belly

Things she’s working on include

  • kneeling
  • pulling up to stand
  • crawling

We still do therapy weekly, switching off between OT and PT. Once a week she also goes to group therapy, for motor skills, not for her addiction to mommy but I need to find one of those groups. I’ll be requesting speech therapy soon, not for any particular reason but the Down syndrome clinic recommended it.

She’s been doing well in the health department. We’ve had a couple of cases of petechiae that usually send me over the edge, but blood work is normal. In fact, since August she’s had petechiae; one or two spots here and there. I’ve taken her in to be tested during the times it was more widespread. I was just reading last night that children with Down syndrome have wacky blood. Since leukemia is much more common in children with Down syndrome than with typical children, it’s always a concern.

So that’s the latest with Gigi. It’s been a fantastic 11 months but I have to end this post because she just looked at me and noticed that I’m not within the required 4 feet perimeter so I must go. Thanks for reading!


October is Down syndrome awareness month. This month I am participating in a blog challenge for Down syndrome awareness. Click the link below to see a list of more blogs posting for Down syndrome awareness during the month of October…


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