A Rare Siting

This morning at Mass I had a rare siting. If you happened to read my previous post from a few weeks ago, To The Experienced Parent of a Child With Down Syndrome, you may remember that I mentioned that I hardly ever see any people with Down syndrome in my day to day life and when I do I want meet them and know how they are doing.

Today in church I saw a young boy. This was a jackpot for me because he was about 9 or 10, somewhere in that age group that I’ve been interested in lately because I have limited interaction. His mom didn’t notice us or Gigi, but I noticed them as they went up to receive Communion. After Mass ended I saw them towards the back of the church. I wondered, how are they doing? What is school like for him? Does he have friends? As I watched them get up from their pew, his mom was stopped by someone else and they started to chat. The boy apparently spotted his friends and he confidently waved them over. Soon he had a crowd of kids around him and they all chatted happily.

I tried to catch this family as they headed toward the exit after they finished socializing, but between other people stopping me and me making it halfway out of the church then realizing I left my bag behind, I missed my opportunity. How is he doing? From the looks of it, they seem to be living life like everyone else. I could be mistaken but I doubt they do buddy walks or look for support in their community. It seemed like they were doing just fine.

October is Down syndrome awareness month. This month I am participating in a blog challenge for Down syndrome awareness. Click the link below to see a list of more blogs posting for Down syndrome awareness during the month of October…

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