NY Buddy Walk

Wow. I feel like it’s been forever since I last updated this blog, but we were busy doing lots of fun things this summer. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on that later, but we ended our summer in a great way with the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk in New York City last weekend. The day was full of fun activities, food and hanging out on the Great Hill in Central Park as well as a one mile walk through the park, which, by the way, is so beautiful.

img_6530.jpg img_6529 img_6533

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I’ve met other moms of children with Down syndrome online and chatted with them here and there. Some I’ve met through my blog others through Facebook support groups. Finally I got to meet some of them and their children in person on Saturday and that was so much fun. I’m just sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone.



img_6499.jpg img_6547


One family I met came all the way from California to see their son’s picture in a video that was played in Times Square before the walk.fb_img_1474384723782.jpg I was so engrossed in conversation with these moms that I missed any speeches or entertainment happening on the main stage. I  did notice a dance party happening towards the end of the event and, just like any adolescent you might know, adolescents with Down syndrome like to have fun, dance, and they know every word to every pop song.

I love Buddy Walks because they expose me to people with Down syndrome, specifically individuals older than toddlers, as I still feel like I’m in this stage of needing to know more and have more interaction. Maybe I’ll always feel that way until Gigi gets to be that age. The other reason why I love Buddy Walks is because everyone is connected in the same way. You see a stranger at the walk but you already know so much about them because you’re on the same journey.

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