What Makes Me Smile

Gigi has Down syndrome. With Down syndrome often comes low muscle tone. Because of this, at the age of almost two she still isn’t walking or crawling yet. This doesn’t mean that Gigi hasn’t been mobile. She’s been moving around since before she turned one by scooting around on her bottom.

Most days of the week there is a basket of clean, mind you, laundry sitting on the living room floor. With five people in the house there’s a lot of laundry to do! Gigi loves sifting through the laundry. She also loves to dangle or shake with her right hand a piece of clothing all while scooting around the house on her butt. She’s tried dangling socks, small shirts, and sports bras but every time she always ends up with her favorite – her sister’s underpants.


Notice the underpants in these pictures. This piece was written in a caregivers writing workshop that I am attending this fall. The assignment was to write down ten things about my child that make me smile, then pick one and write about it. Here were my ten items that make me smile:

  1. She butt scoots while dangling underpants
  2. She has a silly smile when she says “Dee” for dad
  3. She sucks her tongue
  4. She likes to pull my hair
  5. Watching her flip through books
  6. She tears books off the shelf in one giant sweep
  7. Watching her push things around like toy buses and laundry baskets, while scooting
  8. She likes to hide things
  9. Watching her wave hello to her dad when he walks in the house
  10. She likes to pretend to put on hand sanitizer

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