Gigi Turns 2!

​Today we are celebrating Gigi. She turns two and it’s exciting to me. I’m a little sad that my baby is getting older, but I feel like there is a lot to celebrate. From the moment she was born it has been an amazing two years. We feel blessed that Gigi has thrived and is doing well. Prenatally we didn’t know what the state of her health would be so we just hoped and prayed for the best. Other than a few minor medical issues Gigi overall has been healthy and we are so thankful for that. 

We have also made many, many new friends over the past two years. We’ve met some wonderful parents of children with Down syndrome, we’ve met their beautiful children, and we’ve met some amazing individuals with Down syndrome too. We’ve had opportunities to advocate through writing, through fundraising, and at the State House.

Today is a celebration, as opposed to two and a half years ago. Two and a half years ago, almost to the day, I was in a state of devastation having found out my worst fears had come true. I took a chance on a third child and discovered she would be born with Down syndrome. In that devastation I couldn’t look beyond the next day and I felt like my life was over. That cloud slowly lifted as I realized life will go on but never did I imagine how happy our lives would be with this sweet girl in it. Happy birthday, Gigi! We love you! 

2 thoughts on “Gigi Turns 2!

  1. Everyday you and your family amaze us. We are so proud of you all ! You have taught us so much about love and devotation. Thank you


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