It’s World Down Syndrome Day and I Don’t Have Much to Say

World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st and I’ve been wanting to write a post to help spread awareness as the day intends but for weeks I’ve been wracking my brain and can’t find anything to say. I realized that I can’t find anything to say because our life with a 4-year-old with Down Syndrome it’s not as unusual as one might think. It’s typically boring most of the time. I have a 4-year-old who walks, (runs actually), speaks to me and lets me know what she needs, goes to school, has friends, gets invited to birthday parties, enjoys playing with dolls, likes playing pretend in her play kitchen, likes to color, I can go on and on. This is all the typical 4-year-old pastimes. She also likes to not listen at times, prefers cake over healthier dinner food, tells me that she’s not ready to go to bed when I tell her it’s time, and likes to climb into mom and dad’s bed in the middle of the night. Typical 4-year-old shenanigans. She can count to 20 (most of the time), knows all of her letters upper and lower case, and can even recite the sounds for most. Typical 4-year-old knowledge. She still struggles with some things like dressing herself and holding a crayon but you can say that it’s typical for a 4-year-old to not be able to do it all.

Her friends with Down Syndrome are pretty much the same. While some may be struggling in some areas like verbal communication they may be advancing tremendously in others such as in jumping or climbing. So there’s really nothing super unusual about this; nothing to write home about. Yes, there are some things that I’m tired of, such as changing diapers and carrying a 35lb child who might walk a little bit too slow for my own patience during our below-freezing days. It again is nothing to write home about. We’re just living our normal lives.When we speak about children with Down syndrome compared to those without, we say that those children without Ds are “typical”. But reflecting on our normal, it’s not too unusual if you ask me. I’d say we’re more typical than you’d think.

One thought on “It’s World Down Syndrome Day and I Don’t Have Much to Say

  1. And your family is filled with love 💕💕
    that sees beauty and blessings in the big things and the small.
    God bless you all❤️


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