NY Buddy Walk

Wow. I feel like it’s been forever since I last updated this blog, but we were busy doing lots of fun things this summer. Maybe I’ll do a separate post on that later, but we ended our summer in a great way with the National Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk in New York City last weekend. … More NY Buddy Walk

Tips For Surviving a Down Syndrome Pregnancy

For all of the parents out there that are anxiously awaiting the birth of their baby with Down syndrome, I know how you feel because I’ve been there. I know the emotional roller coaster that you are riding. I know how you hate the unknown. There is such a wide range of abilities and health issues with individuals with … More Tips For Surviving a Down Syndrome Pregnancy

Heart Update

Heart defects are not uncommon with Down Syndrome. According to the CDC, around 50% of children with Down Syndrome have heart defects. That’s a scary percentage. Flip a coin and your child will either have it or they won’t. Having a child with Down syndrome is one thing but add a heart defect and that … More Heart Update

Sleep Study

Gigi had a sleep study last night. Dr. Skotko once told us that every child with Down syndrome gets an automatic pass to a sleep study since apnea is common in individuals with Down syndrome. I just didn’t think it would happen this early, but since Gigi’s oxygen saturations dipped so low during sleep while … More Sleep Study

Us Against the Germs

I’m happy it’s February already. We survived January, somewhat. And we survived the end of 2015. When I say survived I’m speaking of colds, flu, germs. The first few months of cold and flu season went great. I even started to get a little relaxed, actually very relaxed. Gigi even spent 3 whole days with … More Us Against the Germs