Dear Me

Dear Tina, I wanted to let you know that something is going to happen later this evening that is going to shock and stun you, so brace yourself. Remember that blood test you took on Monday to check for chromosomal abnormalities because you’re ten weeks pregnant? That test that they highly encouraged you to take … More Dear Me

Alternative Therapy

“Baba baba baba?” Gigi says as she excitedly makes her way toward me with her hurried crab-like crawl. Since Gigi can’t pronounce “m” she calls me “Baba”. She has blossomed and progressed so much this summer. Cruising and pulling up on all kinds of furniture, she’s not afraid anymore. Climbing stairs and standing up on … More Alternative Therapy

What I’m Celebrating on World Down Syndrome Day

World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated every year on March 21st, or 3/21. Fitting because an individual is diagnosed with Down Syndrome when they have three copies (instead of the typical two copies) of the 21st chromosome. Down Syndrome International recognizes the day as one to “help raise awareness of what Down syndrome is, what … More What I’m Celebrating on World Down Syndrome Day

Dear Doctor

Dear Doctor, I wanted to write you about my experience with my prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Although the initial diagnosis was delivered by our genetic counselor on a Thursday evening, you took over from there immediately. I’d have to say, you did everything right. You called me the next morning to tell me that … More Dear Doctor

Gigi Turns 2!

​Today we are celebrating Gigi. She turns two and it’s exciting to me. I’m a little sad that my baby is getting older, but I feel like there is a lot to celebrate. From the moment she was born it has been an amazing two years. We feel blessed that Gigi has thrived and is … More Gigi Turns 2!

What Makes Me Smile

Gigi has Down syndrome. With Down syndrome often comes low muscle tone. Because of this, at the age of almost two she still isn’t walking or crawling yet. This doesn’t mean that Gigi hasn’t been mobile. She’s been moving around since before she turned one by scooting around on her bottom. Most days of the … More What Makes Me Smile