Preparing for World Down Syndrome Day: Printable Cards and Coloring Sheet

World Down Syndrome Day (March 21st) is just around the corner again! I feel like it’s sneaking up on me and since it’s Gigi’s first year in school I wanted to make sure I had something prepared to share with her class to spread awareness. I haven’t been feeling too creative lately so I searched the internet for ideas. Pinterest never fails! I knew I wanted to hand out a little goodie with an info card about Down syndrome. The treat is for the kids and the info is for the parents.

In the Down syndrome community we often hear the saying “more alike than different” so I wanted to go with that, especially since Gigi is in an inclusive school setting. I’m not sure who originated this idea, but I saw colored goldfish crackers as a little treat given to classmates along with a card that said something like “celebrate we are more alike than different”. So I took that idea (thanks to whoever came up with it first) and designed my own card. On the front is a picture of Gigi with some fish and World Down Syndrome Day along with the phrase More Alike Than Different. On the back is a bunch of facts about Down syndrome that I took from this previous blog post.


I was hesitant about the crackers at first because I wanted to do something different so I thought maybe crayons would be fun. I designed this simple card too.

Then I created this fun coloring sheet to go with it.


But my family voted and crackers won. Also, goldfish crackers seem to be a staple snack in Gigi’s classroom. I may send in the coloring sheet too because it’s too cute not to.

If you would like to use these printables, be my guest. I have both the goldfish and crayon design in the file. You can download the file in PDF format (2018 has been removed as well as Gigi’s picture and name). Or if you want to play with it a little and add your own picture, you can use this Word file, however my disclaimer is that sometimes Word files appear different on various computers so be warned that it may not work when you open it on your computer.

The World Down Syndrome Day Butterfly coloring sheet can be downloaded from here.

How to print and cut:

  1. Print the colorful side. I recommend cardstock instead of paper.
  2. Print the info side. I can’t get specific regarding how to print double-sided because everyone’s printer is different. I recommend doing a test page first to figure out how to re-feed your paper to print on the other side.
  3. Cut down the middle of the page.

Then cut those halves once more in half.

Finally, if you like printables and are a planner and paper person like me, check out my free printables page here or here’s a shameless plug for my etsy shop.

Enjoy and Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Let’s go spread some awareness!

4 thoughts on “Preparing for World Down Syndrome Day: Printable Cards and Coloring Sheet

  1. Thank you SO SO much for making these printable and sharing them!!!!! I can’t wait to give them out on Wednesday. You ROCK!


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