Getting a New PAL

There is a wonderful organization that I heard about called PALS which is a program that provides a place for young adults with Down syndrome to get together with their peers, have fun, and cultivate friendships. Part of the program is the Congratulations Project where members of the PALS family write letters to new members of the Down syndrome community, like us. A few days ago we received a letter from a PALS member named Candace. We’ve already written her a thank you and the program emailed us saying they will forward the message to Candace. Who knows if she will become our pen pal, it would be so nice if she did!

IMG_7800   IMG_8007

Along with it came two bracelets that represent Down syndrome awareness.

IMG_8011 IMG_7803

I think that the gift to the baby may depend on the donations the program has received at the time they send out their letter to that new baby. I’ve seen some moms receive large packages with blankets, diapers, and other useful items from PALS. More featured letters from the PALS website can be seen here.

If anyone knows a new baby with Down syndrome, they can go to the PALS website and submit their address and info so they can receive a letter via the Congratulations Project. Donations can also be made via the website. For a parent of a new baby with Down syndrome, receiving a letter like this is so heartwarming to see teenagers with Down syndrome writing about themselves and living happy lives.

Check out Gigi’s picture on their blog!

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