2016 MDSC Buddy Walk

On Sunday, October 9th we attended the 20th Annual MDSC (Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress) Buddy Walk. It was a nasty, rainy day but we were determined to catch up with friends in the community, even if it was briefly, and we did. We also got to meet John Tucker, cast member with Down syndrome from A&E’s Emmy Winning series Born This Way. John is a recording artist who performed at the walk. I was amazed by his on stage confidence .

It has only been a little over 2 years since we’ve begun our journey with Down syndrome, but in that time we’ve embraced it and taken advantage of as much as we could of the many opportunities and resources that the Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress has provided us. I am so thankful for all that they do as the organization is undoubtedly our #1 source of support. Receiving a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome is frightening. The MDSC has a program called First Call which is a hotline where a newly diagnosed parent can call and speak with an experienced parent of a child with Down syndrome. A few weeks after our diagnosis I got the nerve to call. The person I spoke with, Sarah, spent over 30 minutes answering all of my questions thoroughly. These 30 minutes with her solidified for me that I was taking the right path for my family. Since then the MDSC has provided support to our family through new family socials where we have met other wonderful families. The organization has also provided me with a baby massage class and an opportunity to advocate at the State House, just to name a few. They support not just new families but individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and their families.

This year team Geneva’s Convention raised $1700. A million thank yous to all of those who donated!!

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