Tummy Time

During the day we play and try our best to spend time on our tummy, which is more important for Geneva than it ever was for the other girls so she can strengthen her muscles.  I’m looking forward to meeting with the physical therapist in a couple of weeks to see what they think about GiGi’s muscle tone.  A friend of mine who’s daughter has Down syndrome held Geneva the other day and was surprised at her strength.  I personally don’t feel that Geneva is extremely floppy, but I forget what my other girls felt like at 3 weeks.

Sometimes Geneva cries during tummy time. Carina and Lia find it stressful.

Some pictures of GiGi hanging out with her favorite book…

Geneva had a check up on Wednesday.  She’s now up to 8lbs!  The doctor was pleased with how she looked with the exception of her strange breathing habits which we’re just keeping an eye on.

And one last comment, today I sadly donated my maternity clothes.

2 thoughts on “Tummy Time

  1. Geneva is so cute! Love those cheeks! Keep blogging and posting pics – you have beautiful kids. BTW, we are about 10-11 months ahead of you. I just started blogging myself and planning on dedicating my blog to sharing everything we learned in the past year. Feel free to check it out at http://www.journeytoluke.wordpress.com. This month is all about feeding, next is therapy. Good luck!


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